First Time Homebuyer

I wanted to formally thank you for all your efforts in supporting me throughout the home search and purchasing process.

I particularly liked your custom approach in truly listening and identifying what my needs were. From each viewing and discussion we had, I could see the results of progress each time you continued to refine and raise options that went onto the market, that you felt were in line with my needs.

The Los Angeles Market, especially on the West Side, can be a very tough market for a first-time homebuyer like myself. You were excellent at level-setting expectations for each bidding situation and communicated thoroughly throughout the process.

Eight months later, we finally found the one that would become my first home. And even during the purchasing process, I felt that your clear communication was unwavering and you really showed a full-service approach to ensuring that I had the best buying experience I had possible.

I cannot imagine having a better agent to represent me during this process. I would certainly recommend you highly to all my friends and colleagues in this area.

– Jan

- Jan

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