Top Property: Former Church Turned Architectural Home

The market on the Westside has slightly picked up the last couple of weeks with more inventory starting to pop up. Now is traditionally the time when we see an uptick in activity as many buyers and sellers look to make a move prior to the end of the year. This motivation can lead to bargains for buyers, so stay tuned if you are in the market.

Although not a relative bargain, this week’s top property is an extremely unique home. 2621 2nd Street in the Ocean Park neighborhood of Santa Monica was listed this week for $2,995,000 and it is no ordinary home.

The property was originally a Methodist Church built in 1876 that was designated as a City Landmark. It is believed to be the oldest standing wooden strusture in Santa Monica. The Landmark designation means that the exterior of the property cannot be altered, but it doesn’t preclude the interior or use of the property from changing. Thus the current owner, who is an architect, purchased the property and remodeled it into an architectural home.

Considering the drastic changes, I think the architect did a noble job. The property now has 3 bedrooms, a loft, and 3 bathrooms. When you enter the front door, the great room is massive and still makes use of the original stained glass windows, adding to the charm of the house. Because of all the open space, the home feels very modern inside despite traditional look from the street.

While the kitchen opens to the great room, it also serves as the transition to the den and both of larger bedrooms. This makes both bedrooms feel very private, despite the otherwise open floor plan of the house.

The backyard is accessed through the den and it is a surprisingly large space that has been well landscaped. Its almost impossible to find a home on a large lot in Ocean Park, let alone one right next to Main Street, so the home is rare on several levels.

The home is obviously not for everyone. There not a ton of privacy in the backyard, there is another church located right next door, and the floor plan does not lend itself to a family, but it is extremely unique in an area that values uniqueness. I also believe the price is fairly high, but considering its rarity, it will likely sell fairly quickly.

If you have any questions about this top property, or the market in general please do not hesitate to contact me.

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